Potidaea, Chalkidiki – Greece

8 Boutique Suites

Right at the heart of Potidaea, Halkidiki in Greece, Eight Boutique Suites lies at a tranquil location, one step away from the sea, yet quite close to places of interest.

Public services (Police Station, Health Center), supermarkets and other 4* & 5* hotels can be found nearby.

All suites are surrounded by 2.500sqm of green public space with many amenities (BBQ, Swimming Pool with Sunbeds & Umbrellas etc.), designed specifically for your entertainment. 

History of Chalkidiki

Halkidiki isn’t just a peninsula filled with majestic, breathtaking beaches and wild nature. Three thousand years of Ancient Greek, Byzantine & even Roman civilizations compose a unique cultural puzzle, matching the area’s aesthetics.

Ancient Greeks were inspired by its unparalleled beauty, including Halkidiki in many myths. Sithon, son of Poseidon, god of the sea, gave his name to Sithonia. It can also be considered as the place of Giants; Greeks believed that Giant Olympus formed Mount Athos by throwing a rock, and that Giant Enceladus was buried in Kassandra.

Many fought for domination over this land; according to Thucydides ‘Histories’, Athenians and Spartans both captured the city of Potidaea, grave enemies in the Peloponnesian War. Phillip II conquered and destroyed the city in 354 BC, putting a stop on its existence for centuries to come.

Romans took after what Greek Macedonians destroyed, naming the area as Kassandria and recreating it an important outpost, almost as big as Thessaloniki.

After the 6th AD, Byzantines, and for a short period of time, Venetians claimed the peninsula as their own, constantly upgrading its presence, until Ottomans arrived at 1430. They put an end to its importance for centuries to come, until Kassandria was finally liberated from Greece back in October 1912.

Its current form was finalized by Asia Minor Greeks, who finally inhabited Halkidiki after 1923.

All these groups of people created an one of a kind mosaic of cultures that can be seen all over the peninsula.

Are you ready to experience them all?


Areas of Interest

Ancient city sites in Afitos and Polygyros.

The windmill of Kassandra.

Mendi ancient site in Kalandra.

Petralona cave

The ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon at Possidi

St. Paul church and tower in New Fokea.

Byzantine churches in Fourka.

The hot baths of Agia Paraskevi, with a fully-equipped, modern spa center.

The traditional village of Afitos and Kassandria with many traditional alleys, stone houses, and Folklore Museums.

The ancient temple of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea.

The Christian Basilica in Kallithea.

The Canal of Potidaea.

The Byzantine Tower in Sani Stavronikita.

Local festivals (in Sani, Afitos…)

Captivating nature, filled with pine forests and olive groves.

Beaches in Potidaia Chalkidiki

An endless variety of unforgettable beaches of fine sand, pebble or stone, such as:


  • Agios Mamas
  • Fokea
  • Afitos
  • Sithonia
  • Kokkinokavou Beach
  • Nea Flogita – Nea Plagia
  • Kalithea,
  • Hanioti
  • Pefkohori
  • Glarokavos
  • Agia Paraskevi
  • Poseidon
  • New Skioni Fourkas
  • Sani
  • Dionisos
  • Kalives Beach
  • Gerakini Beach
  • … and much, much more

Cities in Proximity

Nea Moudania

Greece’s North biggest economic center, Thessaloniki packs history, vibrant city life, and an amazing gastronomical experience.

    Shopping Centers

    Enigma Mall – Shopping Center in Moudania
    Mediterranean Cosmos – Thessaloniki


    5 minutes (with car) from beach of Agios Mamas

    Potidaea / Moudania

    5 minutes (with car) from Potidaia and Moudania, places you can find a lot of taverns, restaurants, shops etc